Women have some issues that are different than those of men.  They
face special anxiety and depression when coping with medical
problems unique to women.  These are problems related to
pregnancy, menopause, hormonal imbalances, and the many other
medical problems unique to women.  Issues revolving around
pregnancy, infertility, and child rearing are also very common in
women.  Many women are faced with the difficult choice of
remaining home to care for their children or leaving the house for
an outside job because of financial pressures.  These can be very
difficult decisions to make and can strongly tax a women's coping

    Issues with relationship, sexuality, body image
    are also frequent in women.  Medical problems
    such as premenstrual disorder, polycystic
    ovarian disease, endometriosis, and other painful
    conditions also can cause anxiety and depression
    in women.  Eating disorders and body image issues
    are also more common in women than in men.  

Dr. Belkin has a great deal of experience in treating women for
many of the issues that are unique to women and for those that are
shared with men.  A sensitive and understanding therapist is
necessary to help a patient deal with the issues that are some of
the most important in a woman's life.  

Dr. Belkin has seen that the period of time before the birth of a
child and the immediate and long term post-partum periods are all
extremely stressful times in the life of a woman and her family.  The
stresses of these times can be unique and often require counseling
and therapy to deal with them.  Assistance during these important
life changes can help the new mother and father to adjust to
becoming parents and be the best parents possible to help their
child grow and mature into a healthy child and adult.  
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